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What is Sweet Itch?

Sweet Itch, or Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD), is a problem that affects thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys in many countries of the world to a greater or lesser degree. Since the 1950's virtually no progress had been made in finding a solution to this depressing condition. When in 1990 Jennifer Greaves and her family were faced with several cases of Sweet Itch themselves they decided that it was time to 'know the enemy'. The research began and contact was made with Vets, scientists and entomologists from many different countries. They also spoke to horse owners and learned how they tried to control symptoms and of what might work and what definitely would not.

The National Sweet Itch Centre

In order to share their new-found knowledge with others The Helpline at The National Sweet Itch Centre was born. It was possibly the only organisation or company world-wide dedicated solely to this allergy, which, at the start of 2014, was handed over to Alison Price of Itchy-Horse Co. Ltd.

Over the years tens of thousands of horse-owners have been contacted and in the process much has been learned about this condition and how to manage it. However simply knowing about Sweet Itch is not enough. There must be solutions.

The Boett Blanket

In the early nineties Jennifer and her team discovered the wonderful Boett Blanket, which has subsequently prevented so much misery - to both equines and their human owners. Today there are copies and that fact is flattering, but many believe that there is no better sweet itch blanket than the bona-fide Boett.

BioEos Ltd. Capsules

Seeking an alternative scientific approach, in 2004 Jennifer Greaves approached BioEos and in conjunction with Professor Stanford and his team, they commenced lengthy and carefully controlled trials. These eventually resulted in the non steroidal BioPlus capsules.


The advice given by the National Sweet Itch Centre has always been based on extensive consultation with specialist veterinary scientists and leading entomologists, plus much practical experience in managing Sweet Itch cases (Jennifer’s own and many others) over a 25 year period. However the health and well being of your horse depends on many factors and you should seek the advice of your own Veterinary Surgeon if in any doubt.

Welcome to Itchy-Horse Co. Ltd.

After twenty four years of researching Sweet Itch and marketing The Boett products we have decided that the time has come to hand over the reins (apart from France, where we will continue until the end of summer 2014).

Alison Price, who has been with us for ten years, and who knows as much (almost!) about Sweet Itch as we do, will continue where we have left off.  Over the years many of you will have spoken to Alison on the telephone. She has been an efficient and hard-working manageress for our Sweet Itch Helpline and we are sure that she will be an ideal successor.  She will be trading as Itchy-Horse Co. Ltd.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alison and all our customers who have remained loyal to us and to the wonderful Boett products – they really are the best out there.

We wish you and your ‘itchy’ horses a stress free future.

Jennifer Greaves

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